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Crime, Incident, and Arrest Statistics by reported place name (high school, apartment complex, mens shelter, shopping center). Places can be one or many addresses. For example. the Freedom House Drug Detoxification and Rehab center has many addresses on New Stateside Drive even though it is part of the same aggregate facility. Place names were assigned by the city, county, and also by the author of this website.

Places with Most Sex Offender Registry Violation Arrests

The CHPD tells me that the arrest address is where the arrest actually took place. Ie - if the arrest record shows an arrest at 100 W ROSEMARY ST, then that is where the arrest took place. The arrest address does not default to the incident address. The person's declared address of residence is not in this arrest address data, but would have to be dug out of the police reports.

Places with most Arrests (Top 100)

The CHPD tells me that the arrest address is typically the closest address to where the arrest actually took place. For more information on this, please expand the FAQ item below.

Places with > 25 Incidents

Places with Most Personal Crimes

Addresses with Most Assaults

Top 250 addresses with reported assaults

Places with most Involuntary Commitments

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