Show different totals, such as total number of incidents, total unique addresses in address table, total unique addresses in incident table, etc.

Number of arrests records in database


Number of arrests excluding arrests at police station

Shelter incidents by type


The CHPD tells me that the incident and arrest addresses are typically the closest address to where the incident or arrest actually took place. For more information on this, please expand the FAQ item below.

Looking at the incident types in the Mens Shelter Incident Categorizations will give you some insight as to what crimes were traffic stops versus incidents at the shelter.

Categorization of incidents, most cited first

Each incident and its categorization is shown. The categorizations are not part of the incident record, but were made to try to enable statistical analysis. It would be better if the police provided these as part of the incident record and a lot more work could go into the ones which are not categorized.

Number of Incidents in database

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