About this Site

This website was started to analyze crime in neighborhoods in Chapel Hill.

Start with the FAQ to answer your questions.

Things you need to know about the data:

  • Data includes records from the Chapel Hill Police Department. Thanks to Kevin Gunter for getting this information for me.
  • I have not requested information from UNC Police, Carrboro, or the Orange County Sheriff's office.
  • Many of the reports exclude the police station address because most of the reports clearly did not occur at the police station. The police station address is used as a "catch all".

In the FAQ, I have started documenting many aspects of what was done to the data, etc. to produce meaningful information.

Things that I will document in the FAQ section in the future:

  • Limitations and Issues with the data & Improvements that the town and county can make to the data
  • How the data was transformed from the very raw incidents into something that was mappable.
  • How you can use the Data Issues and other queries to gain insights on the quality of the data.
  • Suggestions to improve dispatch times using county GIS information

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