Suburban neighborhood crime comparison - Person Crimes

This report shows the number of subject incidents/crimes in one square mile centered in each neighborhood from January 1st, 2003 through November 18, 2009. Thus, the statistics represent incidents roughly one half mile from the center of each neighborhood so that an apples to apples comparison can be made.

Click here to see the incidents within a particular neighborhood on a map.

This report excludes incidents with the police station address since almost all of the crime reported with the police station address actually occurred in an unknown or unreported location.

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188 North Forest Hills
178 Parkside
135 Briarcliff
133 Colony Woods
101 Vineyard Square
90 Larkspur
83 Southern Village
83 Kent Woodlands
83 Lake Forest
81 Spring Crest
73 Booker Creek
73 Ironwoods
68 Chandler's Green
50 Meadowmont
46 Cedar Hills
38 Morgan Creek
25 Gimghoul
20 Laurel Hills
20 The Oaks

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